The Power of a Praying Woman Sermon

 The Power of a Praying Woman

Text: Judges 5: 1-7, Ester 4: 15-17; 6:1

The Power of a Praying Woman
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In our previous post, we discussed the power of prayer. For us to know the power of a praying woman, we must know the type of power in prayer. By the grace of God, we have discussed it extensively in our previous post. You can read it here (The power of prayer). The Power of a Praying Woman.

The power of a praying woman is unquantifiable. However, there are types of prayer that are powerless. Here they are:

Powerless Prayer

1. The Public Prayer Warrior:

There is nothing wrong with one praying in public if need be or joining the prayer team or group of prayer warriors to prayer in the public. Those we are referring to here are those who hardly have time to pray in their homes. They don't have personal quiet time with God at home.

But once they come to the public and prayer is raised, they will make the highest noise. Their voices will be on top of the roof screaming out prayer. In fact, their voices will be the loudest. That kind of prayer may yield no result.

Listen up, prayer is a spiritual exercise between us the Superior Master. Any moment a child of God prays because he or she wants others to know or think him the best prayer tiger, that prayer is no longer made to God. It is made for humans.

Another thing I told people is that prayer is like building a house. There must be a foundation of a house before laying the visible bricks. You need no to wait before another person asks you to pray.

Prayer should be a daily habit of a child of God. It is should be a part of your living. You must begin the foundation of prayer in your inner chamber daily. Pray out of spiritual hunger and not out of compulsion.

2. Praying out of Scriptures:

The only prayer God honors is His words. God honors His words more than anything. That is the reason He said; "remind me of my words...".

Self-justification is an example of praying out of scripture. This example was drawn when Jesus was teaching His followers how to pray. He laid emphasis on a certain Pharisee and a gentile who came to the synagogue to pray. 

3. The pretenders in Prayer:

This kind of prayer is the worst of them all. Here we see a pretender or a hypocrite who does not pray at all but tries to make people believe he or she is praying.

We see this kind of people mostly in the church. The moment the Pastor or the prayer leader mentions a prayer point, you will see them shaking their heads or any part of their body, making anyone around them think they are praying or following in the prayer. 

This group of people is always absent-minded. They are pretenders and their prayers carry no power.

The Power of a Praying Woman

4. Prayer made under Sin:

This is the worst thing a child of God can do to him or herself. You wake from the bed immorality and come to the church. You have the boldness and audacity to collect the microphone to lead in the prayer in the church. Or, you walk into the church while praying is going on and you hear the leader say: "raise your hands and worship God" and you raise your sinful hands.

The prayer made under sin carries destructive power. A Christian child of God should know when he or she has sinned against God and come to him with a broken heart and not with a deceitful heart. Asking for forgiveness and turning away from our sins is far more acceptable than 5 hours of marathon prayers and speaking in diverse tongues under sin.

5. The Selfish Prayer: 

Christ taught us how to pray in Matt 6. The Christ kind of prayer is selfless. Note the pronouns in verses 11, 12, and 13 of Matt 6; they are all in the plural. That is an example of a selfless prayer.

When you pray, remember also your neighbors, their children, the prisoners, the homeless. When you intercede for your sin, do likewise for the others. A selfish prayer is a prayer of I, I, and I. Give me, bless me, and me, me me.

The Power of a Praying Woman:

1. She has the power to turn ugly Situations: 

A Praying woman is like Queen Esther and Deborah the prophetess in the Bible. They are prayer tigers and they commanded the tunes during their time. Imagine a woman like Deborah in the midst of million men; rose in the land when all pleasantry ceased.

Nothing was happening in her time until she arose. "Villagers in Israel would not fight; they held back until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel". Judges 5: 7. A woman of prayer changes the situation of her family for good. She is a chain breaker and a warrior.

2. A Woman of prayer is  a carrier of a mark of ownership and seal of Holyghost Gal 6: 17: 

What does this mark do? The mark is like an emblem. It is the mark of ownership like a trademark. Apostle Paul was bearing this mark. When his attackers became so many, he told them plainly in Gal. 6:17; "From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus".  

She is like a seal to her family, her children have the seal and code of the Holy Spirit. Example: with student’s confession. I have heard confessions of demon-possessed children during where they said they failed to hurt their fellow children because they came from a praying family or because their mothers are praying tigers.

All these are no joke. the mothers transferred this fire and codes on their children and they became untouchable by the agent of the Kingdom of darkness.

(3) A praying woman is like a lion:

 She is fearless as the Esther of the Bible. She has activated the lion nature of God through prayer. Her children are lions and lionesses. Her family is indestructible.

(4) She is inaccessible by the kingdom of darkness: 

(5) She losses nothing:

 A praying woman has the Jesus kind of ministry. She prayerfully secures all that belong to her. We saw the example with the Missionary who has many children and the evil rich man who tried to use them for money rituals. He died while trying to.

Jesus kind of Ministry is a ministry that loses nothing entrusted in his care except the son of perdition.

(6) She and her family are surrounded by fire: Psalm 104:4

(7) A woman of prayer has usable oil: Esther’s story

(8) She is a terror to the kingdom of darkness in the spiritual realm: her weapons of war are very loud and deafening.

Finally, Esther 4:15-17; Esther 6:1; Judges 5:1-7, a praying woman is a mother in Israel. Anywhere she is, things are always moving. She is a solution finder.

The Power of a Praying Woman


(1)    Prayer changes status quo and in mountain Zion, there shall be deliverance. Decree over the state of the Nation.  

 The help of men is worthless if God doesn't help. I will look up to the hill, where cometh my help. Cry unto God to send help for you and your family in the mighty name of Jesus.
(3)    All that my father has given to me, I did not lose any; Jesus said. Pray that you will not lose anything belonging to you.
·         Your body parts.
·         Your family, children & property.

(4)    God makes His Angels wind and His Ministers flame of fire. Oh lord, wear me the garment of fire. Make me untouchable, indestructible. Make my children fire.

           5. Any man or woman who is digging a pit for me and my fall shall into the pit in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you Jesus for giving us victory. Thank you, Lord, for the answered prayer!


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