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About Us

About Us/ About Hymnslab

Hymnslab.com is here for everything Christian religion. Our focus is mainly on hymns and sermons. Hymnslab is here for religious matters: hymns, devotionals, bible study, and religious issues.

Who Owns Hymnslab blog?

Hymnslab is co-owned by Rev Arinze Mkparu and Mrs Njide Mkparu. The blog is a means of spreading the gospel. 

Meet, Njide Mkparu, the editor of Hymnslab.

She is a trained writer who has written more than 3,000 articles and counting. Njide is a Bible study teacher, married to Rev. Arinze Mkparu. Her dream is to set up a blog solely for Christian activities - everything church. WELCOME TO HYMNSLAB; WELCOME To NJIDE'S CHRISTIAN BLOG

For inquiries, Contact us @ [email protected] / [email protected]
(We chat on 08177357876).