2022 Universal Week of Prayer for 5th and 6th January, 2022 - DAY 4 and DAY 5

2022 Universal Week of Prayer for 5th and 6th January, 2022 - DAY 4 and DAY 5

2022 Universal Week of Prayer for 5th and 6th January 2022

DAY 4 - Wednesday 5th of January, 2022

Opening Hymn: A & M 165


On this fourth day of our reflection, we shall be looking at the topic, "Authority to overcome". What really is the meaning of the word 'Authority? The Greek word exousia translated as an authority in English is the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. It is also the right to act in a specified way. Authority is usually given and is expected to be exercised or used.


Authority is given. No one really exercises authority on his/her own. In our text in Luke 10. Jesus wasn't addressing the crowd. He was having a deep discussion with his disciples. What this implies is that the authority to overcome is not given to just anyone. For anyone who desires to exercise this authority must do the first thing first. A close relationship with the Lord Jesus guarantees the bequeathing of this authority. Jesus wants us to be his disciples first and afterward exercise authority (Mark 3:14). Unfortunately, there are many out there who are not willing to submit to the lordship of Jesus, those who desire to do their own will, yet they want to exercise authority. These people are like the sons of Sceva in Acts 19:11 ff. They have the name of the Lord on their lips, but their hearts are far from him. Philippians 2:9-11 clearly states that knees bow and tongues confess at the name of Jesus. And this is so. The name of Jesus is honored in the spiritual realm. However, more honor is brought to him when the vessel who mentions his name has fully departed from iniquity. The command to become born again can never be over-emphasized.


In Luke 10:19 Jesus said, ''Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and overall the power of the enemy and nothing shall hurt you."

Jesus has given us authority over all the power of the enemy not some of the power. And all means all. Anything the devil employs' against you should be under your control. Have you ever seen the traffic warden at work - controlling vehicular movement? Have you observed that no matter how big a vehicle may be? once the warden raises his hand, the driver brings the vehicle to a halt and can only move again when the warden signals it to move? Why does the driver stop? The driver of the vehicle does not stop because of the warden; he only stops because of what the warden represents. This is the exercise of authority. That is how the Christian should exercise his/her authority in Christ. As a Christian, what you allow in your life or family is what stays. What you do not allow does not stay. The devil only fears who you represent and not you. Your person or personality does not scare him. What scares him, is the person who sent you. Rev 12:11 puts it clearly, "And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death." How did they overcome? By the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony. Which testimony? The testimony of Jesus.


There are three main domains of influence the Christian has received authority to overcome:

1. The World -1 John 2:15-17, James 4:4. The command is to not love the world. Friendship with the world is enmity with. God. We must strive to overcome worldliness. It is easy for a Christian to slide into carnality without knowing it. This is a battle we must fight and win daily.

2. The Flesh - Gal 6: The realm of the flesh is a very powerful domain in spiritual warfare. The flesh here is not really the physical flesh, but what natural human nature desires. Just like the world, we must through the power of the cross mortify the flesh. Col 3:5 instructs us thus, "Put to death, therefore, your members which are upon the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolatry;"

3. Satan - Satan is our Arch-enemy. He manipulates a lot of things to distort God's original plans of dominion for man. The word of God says we should resist him and he will flee... (James 4:7). This can only happen when we submit ourselves under God. We must not give him a foothold.

As we have begun a new year, let us bear in mind that the Christian life is a constant warfare. However, we need not fear, for Christ Jesus has overcome the world! And the God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen.

2022 Universal Week of Prayer for Wednesday 5th January 2022



  • For making us victorious always



  • Our ignorance and negligence to spiritual matters


  • For grace to always overcome


1.  My faith looks up to Thee,
Thou Lamb of Calvary
Savior divine!

Now hear me while I pray,

Take all my guilt away,

O let me from this day

Be wholly thine!

2.  May Thy rich grace impart
Strength to my fainting heart,
My zeal inspire;

As Thou hast died or me,

O may my love to Thee,

Pure, warm and changeless be

A living fire!

3.While life's dark maze 1 read.

   And griefs around me spread.

   Be Thou my guide;

  Bid darkness turn to day.

  Wipe sorrow's tears away,

  Nor let me ever stray

  From Thee aside.

4.    When ends life's transient dream

When death's cold, sullen stream

Shallo'er me roll,

Blest Saviour, then, in love,

Fear and distrust remove;

O bear me safe above

A ransomed soul! Amen

DAY 5 - Thursday 6th of January, 2022

2022 Universal Week of Prayer for Thursday 6th January 2022 - DAY 5


1.   Father who on man dose shower Gift of plenty from your dower To Your people give the power 

All Your gifts to use aright

2.  Be with us, Your strength supplying                

That with energy supplying                         
Every foe on man defying

We may rally to the fig!*.                          

3. Give pure happiness in leisure Temperance in every pleasure Holy use of earthly treasure Bodies dear and spirit bright.

4. You, who are our Captain ever Lead us on to great endeavor May You Church the world deliver May You Church the world deliver

5. Lift from this and every nation

All that brings us degradation
Quell the forces of temptation

Put Your enemies to flight.

6. Father, who have sought and found us

Son of God, whose love has bought us

Blessed Spirit, in us, round us,

Hear us, Godhead infinite. Amen



To possess, in this context, means to take charge, to take control, or lay hold of something. Your possessions simply mean what belongs to you. Moreover, in the present-day context, Zion is used to denoting the Church of God (Heb 12:22). The Church of God, as we now refer to the Body of Christ. Therefore, from the text above, Obadiah 17, we see that three principal things are assured through the instrumentality of the Church of God:

1. Deliverance. 2. Holiness.

3. Children of Jacob possessing their possessions.

Now, how does this happen? We know that anybody born into this world is in bondage to sin and Satan. This is because of the sin of Adam and Eve. Psalm 51:5. It is only the Gospel of Jesus Christ that brings the only needed deliverance or salvation. (Romans 1:16). And the Church (Zion) is the vehicle that conveys the Gospel. Now when the Gospel is believed, deliverance happens " and the believer becomes a member of the Church hence becoming positionally holy. As he continues to study, hear and act on God's Word, he grows in holiness. 

By the way, holiness, in this context means separation unto God's use. Then as he discovers the promises of God in His Word, and what God has given him in Christ (ICor 2:12), he begins to lay hold of them by prayers of faith. This is when the believer, as a son of Jacob begins to possess his possessions. Every believer in Jesus Christ is a son of Jacob because we are called sons of Abraham, who was the grandfather of Jacob. (Galatians 3:7.29). 

The second text we read. Psalm 2:8 shows us the most important possession we are to possess - the heathen through soul winning. Out of all the possessions that God has made available to believers in Christ, the most important is the souls of men. "...he that wins souls is wise". (Proverbs ll:30b). We also see here that soul winning is preceded by intercessory prayers, as we see in Psalm 2:8a ("Ask of Me..."). The power of the Gospel is cultivated through intercessory prayers, and released through preaching.

Therefore, as we have been delivered from sin and powers of darkness (Col 1:13) by believing the Gospel, we should give adequate attention to studying and acting on God's Word so we can discover our possessions, also grow in holiness. (John 15:3, Colossians 3:16 Psalm 119:11). Then, through meditations, prayers of faith, intercessory prayers, and obedience to God's Word, we possess our possessions. Let us pray.

DAY 5 - Thursday 6th of January, 2022



•   Thank God for. the possessions He made available for us in Christ Jesus.


         God to increase our hunger and thirst for His Word in your heart.

         God to help us become more fruitful and active in Zion (Church).

         Prayer for the salvation of those who have not believed the Gospel.

         Pray that God should anoint you with grace to pray.




1.  Who is on the Lord's side?
Who will serve the King?
Who will be y is Helpers?
Other lives to bring

Who will leave the world's side?

 Who will face the foe?

Who is on the Lord's side?

Who for Him will go?

By thy call of mercy,

By Thy grace divine,

We are on the Lord's side,

Savior, we are thine.



2.   Fierce may be the conflict,
Strong may be the foe,
But the King's own army
None can overthrow.
Round His standard ranging,
'Victory is secure,

For His truth unchanging

Makes the triumph sure;

Joyfully enlisting

By thy grace divine,

We are o the Lord's side,

 Savior, we are Thine.


3. Chosen to be soldiers in an alien land,

Chosen, called and faitful,

For our captain's band;

In the service royal

Let us not grow cold,

Let us be right loyal

Noble, true, and bold;

Master, Thou wilt keep us,

By Thy grace divine,

Always on the Lord's side,

Savior, we are thine. Amen 

2022 Universal Week of Prayer for 5th and 6th January, 2022 - DAY 4 and DAY 5

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