Hymn A & M 451- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

 Hymn A & M 451- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

 Hymn A & M 451- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

Hymn A & M 451- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild
 Hymn A & M 451- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

1. Gentle Jesus, meek and mild,

look upon a little child;

pity my simplicity,

suffer me to come to thee.

2. Fain I would to thee be brought,

dearest God, forbid it not;

give me, dearest God, a place

in the kingdom of thy grace.

3. Hide me, from all evil hide,

self and stubbornness and pride;

hold me fast in thine embrace,

let me see thy smiling face.


4. Lamb of God, I look to thee;

thou shalt my example be;

thou art gentle, meek, and mild;

thou wast once a little child.

5. Fain I would be as thou art;

give me thine obedient heart;

thou art pitiful and kind,

let me have thy loving mind.

6. Let me, above all, fulfill

God my heavenly Father's will;

never his good Spirit grieve;

only to his glory live.


7. Thou didst live to God alone;

thou didst never seek thine own;

thou thyself didst never please:

God was all thy happiness.

8. Loving Jesus, gentle Lamb,

in thy gracious hands I am;

make me, Savior, what thou art,

live thyself within my heart.

9. I shall then show forth thy praise,

serve thee all my happy days;

then the world shall always see

Christ, the holy Child, in me.

 Hymn A & M 451- Gentle Jesus, meek and mild

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