Hymn A & M 493- HOW joyful ’tis to sing

Hymn A & M 493- HOW joyful ’tis to sing

Hymn A & M 493- HOW joyful ’tis to sing

Hymn A & M 493- HOW joyful ’tis to sing

Hymn A & M 493- HOW joyful ’tis to sing

 1. HOW joyful ’tis to sing

To God enthroned on high,

To raise the ancient strain

Of tuneful psalmody

As Choristers, who thus delight,

To chant his praise by day and 


2. Yet art is not enough,

Nor voice that charms the ear,

Unless the heart be tuned

And worship be sincere:

Help us to fix our minds on thee,

And lead us to simplicity.

3. Should we with wondering


our minds allow to stray,

Nor heed God's holy word,

And, kneeling, fail to pray,

Help us to serve with godly fear,

Lest we forget thy presence near.

4. We seek to perfect praise,

On earth, in hope that we,

Some glimpses here may gain

Of heavenly harmony,

Where discord ne’er shall mar the 


Of those that sing around the throne

5. Then in the praise of God

Let boys and men unit,

And, mindful of our trust,

Gird on our robes of white,

As symbol of the purity

That all must seek, who seek for 


Hymn A & M 493- HOW joyful ’tis to sing

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