Hymn A & M 622- PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

Hymn A & M 622- PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

Hymn A & M 622-  PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

Hymn A & M 622-  PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

Hymn A & M 622-  PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

Hymn A & M 622-  PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

 1. PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy


Praise thy Saviour, praise thy Pastor,

in a Joyous melody:

Put forth all thy strength to sing him

For the best that thou canst bring Him

Cannot ever worthy be.

2. Tell, O tell in praises glowing

How the living, life-bestowing,

Bread from heaven is given to thee:

Bread which Christ, before he


At the sacred banquet proffered

To the Twelve in company.

3. Lift thy voice in tuneful chorus.

Joyfully in strain sonorous

Be thy heart’s delight outpoured:

While this solemn day we celebrate

How the Saviour first did consecrate

For his guests the mystic board.

4. Here, our new King‘s table gracing,

This new Passover's new blessing

Hath fulfilled the older rite:

Here is new to old succeeding,

Truth its shadow superseding,

Darkness swallowed up in light.

5. What he did at supper seated

Christ ordained to be repeated

ln his memory divine:

Wherefore we, his precept needing,

And his saving offering pleading,

Consecrate the bread and wine.

6. Tis the truth to Christians given,

Bread becomes his Flesh from


Wine becomes his holy Blood:

Here, where sight is unavailing.

Faith may seize with grasp unfailing

What can ne'er be understood.

7. Neath these diverse sums are


Priceless things to sense forbidden,

Outward signs are all we see:

Bread for eating, wine for drinking,

Yet, in ways beyond all thinking,

Christ in each doth deign to be.

8. Whoso of this feast partaketh,

Christ divideth not nor breaketh

He is Whole to all that taste:

Whether one this  bread receiveth

Or a thousand, still he giveth

One same food that cannot waste.

9. Good and bad alike are sharing

One repast, a doom preparing

All unlike—'tis life or death:

each a destiny is making•—

See ye of the one partaking

How the issue different!

10. When this Sacrament is broken.

Doubt not in each severed token,

Hallowed by the blessing spoken.

What is veiled doth Whole abide:

Though the sign is broken duly.

Christ himself remaineth truly

All unbroken; present fully

Here abides the Signified.


11. Lo, the angels' food is given

To the pilgrim who hath striven;

See the children’s Bread from


Which on dogs may ne'er be spent:

Christ the old types is fulfilling,

Isaac bound, a Victim willing,

Paschal Lamb its life-blood spilling

Manna to the fathers sent. `


12. O true Bread, Good Shepherd,

tend us,

Jesu, of my love befriend us,

Thou refresh us, thou defend su,

Let thy goodness here attend us

Till the land of life we see;

Thou who all things canst and knowest,

who such food on earth bestowest.

Make us, where thy face thou showest.

Mid thy saints, though least and


Guests and fellow heirs with thee

Hymn A & M 622-  PRAISE, O Sion, praise thy Master

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