Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

 Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

 Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

 Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

1. LET love arise and praise him

Who came as light from heaven,

And shines as light reflected

in souls of men forgiven:

Through the dimness of our shadows.

Through the mist he came;

For the souls of them that see him

Blessed be his name.

2. He cometh as the morning.

The light of day arisen,

To them that sit in darkness.

The souls of men in prison:

Blessed light that deigns to visit

Man in his distress!

Welcome with thy wings of healing,

Sun of Righteousness!

3. Behold the sky at evening,

When day on earth is ending,

What clouds are seen at sunset

Upon the sun attending:

Where our sun is sinking from us

Into skies unknown,

All the clouds aflame with glory

Where he passes on.

4. So, where our Christ advances.

The Lord of Life undying,

He goes with flashing trumpets

And pomp of banners flying;

Not in unattended glory,

Nor in lonely might:

Multitudes that none can number

Answer back his light.

5. A burning mist around him,

A flock of souls unending,

A cloud of flying spirits,

Ascending and descending,

Swimming on in light below him,

Soaring on above,

Who are these that move in rapture

Round about his love?

6. O these are souls that pitied,

Because they knew his pity,

And found him in their neighbor

And met him in their city;

These are they whose life among us

Won the weak from vice;

These are they who, little knowing,

Shared his sacrifice.

7. Through them be healed our


Through them he led our blindness

Redeemed our unbelieving,

Atoned for our unkindness.

Therefore in the light they follow

Where the Lamb doth go:

Therefore shines their dazzling raiment

White as glistening snow.

8. So Christ his temple enters.

The Priest that was so wounded.

And makes a new atonement

As Love by love surrounded:

Love amazing that transfigures

Where its light has shone,

Love that burns upon the altar.

Love that mounts the throne.

 Hymn A & M 627- LET love arise and praise him

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