Anglican Bible study - STUDY 19, MAY 8, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 19, MAY 8, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 19, MAY 8, 2022
Anglican Bible study - STUDY 19, MAY 8, 2022

STUDY 19   

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 19, MAY 8, 2022, 3RD SUNDAY AFTER EASTER MAY 8 2022


SUB-THEME: Earthly Leaders2

TOPIC: Chosen or Elected by people

TEXT: Exod. 18: 19 – 26.


i. to discover leadership traits that should be considered before someone is  considered for leadership office and
ii. to establish how Christian leaders can use their offices to expand the kingdom of God.

Jethro, the father-in-law of Moses advised Moses on the need to ease his administration by choosing quality leaders among the children of Israel in judgment matters. It is God who ordains earthly leaders. Nevertheless, human factors play vital roles in the fulfilment of God’s purpose in election, appointment, promotion and preferment. Christians should be aware that electing or appointing people into leadership offices should be by merits not by corrupt practices, and we must not forget to consult God in all matters (Exod. 18:23).


1. What is your understanding of the phrase ‘‘chosen or elected by people”?

2. Explain how human involvement actualizes the plans of God in the choice of leaders in the following scriptures: 2 Sam. 2:4 ref 1Sam 16:1; Acts 1:23-26; 1Sam 8:4-5,10:20-24.

3. What are the qualities and traits that must be seen in people to be elected or appointed into public or religious offices? Exo 18:21; Acts 6:3; 1Tim. 3:1-7.

4. How should Christians who are appointed or elected into public or religious offices use their positions to further the course of the gospel? Ezra 1:1-4; Luke 23:50-53; Acts 10:1-2, 24-25.


Our nation is in dilemma because many people prefer to vote for parties and influential people at the expense of personal quality traits. However, as believers in God, we must pray and allow for God’s guidance and direction as we elect or appoint people into the position of authority. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When the righteous is elected, the people rejoice.

MEMORY VERSE: Acts 1:26 “And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias; and he was numbered with the eleven apostles”.
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