Athabasca University Canada - How to Apply

Athabasca University Canada - How to Apply

Graduate and Undergraduate Program in Athabasca University - How to apply

The application process is a little different depending on what level you wish to study (undergraduate or graduate), where you live, and if you want to take a full program or just some courses. Athabasca University Canada  - How to Apply. Read also about Njeri Mbwa Kenyan Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Photos, Family, Networth.

If you are applying to become an undergraduate program student your online application will redirect you to Apply Alberta, Alberta's provincial online application system. Be prepared to indicate the program you are interested in prior to submitting your application and paying the one-time non-refundable application fee. If you need help selecting a program, contact Counselling Services prior to submitting your application. After being admitted to AU, you will be immediately assigned an AU student ID number to confirm your admission.

Graduate programs have a multi-step application process. Most programs have application deadlines and intakes happen on a specific schedule. You can get started on your application at any time. About Athabasca University Canada - Getting Admmission to Study in AU, What you should Kno

Athabasca University Canada  - How to Apply

Age and Eligibility for Athabasca University Study

Becoming an Athabasca student is easy – her open admission policy means if you’re 16 or older, you will be accepted as a student. Age and eligibility is 16 years and above.

For undergraduate programs, be sure to review AthabascaU program’s regulations carefully so you can meet all the necessary requirements in time for your application deadline. Athabasca University Canada  - How to Apply.

Requirements for graduate programs are listed on each graduate program’s website. Because program regulations can change, students are required to complete the program regulations in effect at the time of their enrolment. Students who are admitted to a program that has any entrance requirements for admission will follow the degree regulations in effect upon completion of the transfer credit evaluation

About Athabasca University Canada - Getting Admmission to Study in AU, What you should Know

You must have an undergraduate degree to apply for most graduate programs. Doctorate programs require a master’s degree. You can take some graduate courses without being admitted to the program if you meet the non-program student requirements for that program.

As an open university, Athabasca University admits students 16 years of age or older. Students may be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world. Athabasca University Canada  - How to Apply.

What is the Least Students Age for Athabsaca University Admission?

Students under 16 years of age may be admitted with special consideration by petitioning the Coordinator of Enrolment, Records, and Examination Services. An underage student's admission application form must be accompanied by the course registration form, an up-to-date high school transcript (or equivalent), letters of support from the student's high school principal or designate, and from a parent or guardian. 

Permission from the Course Coordinator responsible for the course must also be obtained. An interview will be arranged with the Course Coordinator at the time the course registration form is received.

What Certificates Does Athabasca University accept for Graduate / Undergraduate?

While past academic performance at other post-secondary institutions (A Level) and O Level does not prevent you from being admitted to AU, it may be considered if you are enrolling in a particular program (e.g., Bachelor of Nursing). 

However, If you were suspended or dismissed from another post-secondary institution for reasons of academic misconduct, you may be refused admission or enrolment at AU until the period of suspension or dismissal has elapsed

Non-Canadian students

Athabasca University welcomes non-Canadian students. You need a study permit if: you are a non-Canadian with a work permit and are living temporarily in Canada while enrolled in the Bachelor of Nursing degree program. You are a non-Canadian student enrolled in an AU program at an institution with which the University has a collaboration agreement.

Do I need a Study Permit if am not from Canada?

You do not need a study permit if you are a non-Canadian AU student living outside Canada.

For more detailed information, visit the International Student Guidelines page. In the case of a dispute over an individual’s status within Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CHIC) regulations will apply.

Requirements for Returning students in Athabasca University

A returning student is a student who has already applied to the University, has a student ID number, and their status may be inactive. To remain an active AU student you must be registered in an AU course, or you must have completed an AU course in the last 12 months. The 12-month period is based on the most recent course contract date, course completion date, or the date of withdrawal from an AU course.

Students who complete courses on a Letter of Permission from AU also retain their active status. If you complete courses at other institutions without first obtaining a Letter of Permission from AU, you may be designated inactive and forfeit your program enrolment status and risk not receiving credit for the course.

If you are a returning student and you have never accessed the myAU portal, you will need to log into the portal using your AU Student ID number.

If you are a returning student with an active AU account, you can proceed to course registrations.

If you are a returning student with an inactive AU account, you need to reactivate your active status by selecting ‘Change Your Program’ found under the ‘Manage Your Program’ header under the ‘Student Record’ section of the myAU portal. Reactivation Form
myAU portal

Requirements for New Students in Athabasca University

All new AU students require a student identification number. To obtain a student ID number, you must apply for admission to AU.

Complete and submit the online Undergraduate General Application Form and pay the one-time, non-refundable application fee. Before you apply online, you will need to determine if you are applying as a program student or as an unclassified (non-program/visiting) student.

This Information is effective from Sept. 1, 2021 to Aug. 31, 2022. Athabasca University Canada  - How to Apply

Courses Offered in Athabasca University Canada

  • Arts degrees
  • Commerce degrees
  • General Studies degrees
  • Health Administration degrees
  • Human Resources and Labour Relations degrees
  • Management degrees
  • Nursing degrees
  • Professional arts degrees
  • Science degrees
  • University certificates
  • University Diploma in Arts
  • English Language Proficiency Program
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Inclusive Education

What is the Estimated program fees for Athabasca University Study/

The fees is estimated according to course credit. For example, 

120-credit programs

Permanent Residents of Alberta$29,930
Canadian Residents Outside of Alberta$38,690
Canadian Senior Citizens in Alberta$19,130
Canadian Senior Citizens Outside of Alberta$27,890
Non-Canadians Living Temporarily in Alberta$51,290
Non-Canadians Living Temporarily in Canada Outside Alberta$60,050
Students Living Outside Canada$77,210
Students Living Outside Canada (enrolled prior to July 27, 2017)$49,370

24-credit programs which is the least credit-course is estimated

24-credit programs estimated fees.

Permanent Residents of Alberta$5,986
Canadian Residents Outside of Alberta$7,738
Canadian Senior Citizens in Alberta$3,826
Canadian Senior Citizens Outside of Alberta$5,578
Non-Canadians Living Temporarily in Alberta$10,258
Non-Canadians Living Temporarily in Canada Outside Alberta$12,010
Students Living Outside Canada$15,442
Students Living Outside Canada (enrolled prior to July 27, 2017)$9,874

Can I Get Loan / Financial Supoort to Study in Athabasca University?

Yes. You can be granted a loan to study in AU Canada. Looking for financial support? Your application process is the same as other students, but you’ll need to start early. Athabasca University Canada  - How to Apply

Once you’re admitted, you’ll need to apply for your loan and complete a loan study plan. It can take up to 12 weeks to process a financial aid application, so you should apply for funding at least 4 months before you plan to start your studies. Read More Information here for financial support See More information.

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