Odogwu Bitters: Health Benefits, Side effects and the Real Owner

Odogwu Bitters: Health Benefits, Side effects and the Real Owner

Odogwu Bitters:  Health Benefits, Side effects, and the Real Owner

Are you one of the lovers and consumers of the popular Odogwu Bitters? Here are the Health Benefits and Side effects of Drinking Odogwu Bitter you should know. Odogwu Bitters:  Health Benefits, Side effects, and the Real Owner.

Odogwu Bitters:  Health Benefits, Side effects, and the Real Owner

Obinna Iyiegbu, better known by his stage name Obi Cubana, is a successful businessman in Nigeria. He recently introduced his Odogwu bitters. Many people in Nigeria have commented positively on how distinctive the Odogwu alcoholic beverage is.

Obi Cubana, who is also the head of the Cubana Group in Nigeria, is responsible for an astute investment that has already begun to dominate the market in Nigeria. Read about Njeri Mbwa Kenyan Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Career, Photos, Family, Networth.

In spite of the fact that the cost of the Odogwu bitters has not yet been made available to the general public on social media, it is essential that we learn about some of the product's advantages. Let's take a closer look at the advantages that the Odogwu bitters from Obi Cubana have to offer.

Odogwu Bitters Herbal Alcoholic Drink - Health Benefits

  • As A Digestant

Odogwu bitters is made with an alcoholic. This helps to digest food easily in our bodies. So, if you eat overdose and looking for something to ease the heaviness, consider Odogwu Bitters. Read also about Groovy BBNaija Biography, Real Name, State, Age, Career and Net worth

  • As a Body Warmer

Odogwu Bitters is a type of herbal alcoholic drink that is made with an ancient herbal mixture that also includes honey and ginger. The mixture is called Odogwu Bitters. This Recipe is one that can be relied on and has been demonstrated to ensure a rapid and effective result in the body.

  • As Energy Booster:

Odogwu Bitters is an energy booster that helps in increasing libido and provides antioxidants that aid the digestive system of the body and can also help the body fight the common cold and the flu. In addition, Odogwu Bitters aids in boosting the immune system and may also help in the relief of stress, regulation of blood sugar level, and promotion of weight loss.

Side Effects of Odogwu Bitters

Perhaps you haven't read from anywhere where they state that Odogwu Bitters drink has a side effect. There is no food in this life that has no side effects. Even honey, as sweet and healthy as it is, also has some side effects.

One major side effect of Odogwu Bitters drink is that it is not good for the ulcer patient. It contains some ethanol and ginger. These 2 aggravate stomach ulcers. Too much consumption of Odogwu bitters may also cause stomach ulcers. It is also not advisable to drink on an empty stomach

  • Fatty Liver Disease

Those who have been diagnosed with fatty liver should not take Odogwu Bitters drink and any drinks that contain alcohol.

Odogwu Bitters: Health Benefits, Side effects, and the Real Owner

Is Obi Cubana the real owner of Odugwu Bitters?

No. Obi Cubana is just an influencer of the brand and probably gets some percent shares from the sales. Odogwu bitters is owned by Chief Innocent Onwunali.

It has come to light who the true owner of Odogwu Bitters is, and it is not Obi Cubana as previously believed. On Instagram and a wide variety of other social media platforms, Odogwu Bitters has been one of the most popular topics for the past week.

While introducing Odogwu bitters, Obi Cubana made the following statement: "Let it be on record that within a week, we were able to change the bitters narratives, bitters is now a luxury, and Odogwu bitters are responsible for that change." People used to believe that bitters were only appropriate for men, but these days, sophisticated and accomplished women are head over heels for Odogwu Bitters.

In the meantime, underground checks conducted by ENigeria Newspaper in a report monitored by Brand Spur Nigeria revealed that, contrary to the widespread belief, Obi Cubana is not the owner of the bitters brand. Rather, he is an influencer who was exploited to push the bitters brand to the market due to the fact that he has a large social media following.

The true proprietor of Odogwu Bitters is not new to the beverage industry. In fact, he has previously had great success introducing a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to consumers.

The Real Owner of Odugwu Bitters - Innocent Onwunali

According to a trustworthy source, Odogwu Bitters is owned and produced by IKI Leads, which is in turn owned by the billionaire Innocent Onwunali.

IKI Leads is a Nigerian company that specializes in the distilling, blending, packaging, and marketing of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Chief Innocent Onwunali is the sole owner of the company, and he runs it alone.

Iki Leads is well-known for its flagship products, which include Pasa Bitters, Meridian Brandy, and Meridian Ponche. The company also has celebrity ambassadors, such as Zubby Michael, Nedu Wazobia FM, and comedian Ayo Makun (AY).

According to the information gathered by 9jainformed.com, Obi Cubana was only signed as an influencer whose massive social media following will be used to ensure that Odogwu Bitters controls a large market share in the bitters business. The plan was a clever one that is already yielding results, and it was signed to ensure that Odogwu Bitters controls a big market share in the bitters industry.

For example, Odogwu Bitters has been all over the trending topics section of various social media platforms like Instagram and a variety of others for the past week, ever since it was first released on the market. Bitters are now considered a luxury item, as stated by Obi Cubana in his statement.

 "Let it go on record that within a week, we were able to transform the bitters narratives," Once upon a time, it was believed that bitters were only for men, but in today's society, this new brand of bitters is beloved by sophisticated and accomplished women. "Big people are proud to film with the drink and hold it in their hands,"

After only a few short weeks of being on the market in Nigeria, it was able to completely change the way people thought about bitters, to the point where they are now regarded as a luxury item.

Does Odogwu Bitters Boost or Enhance bedroom Activities?

I no know ooo! I never do before. But I heard from my neighbors who have it in their bedrooms. They said it helps them perform their duties on their spouses. Thankio! Lol.

In Summary

Through the utilization of the Cubana brand identity, Obi Cubana has been successful in generating massive returns for investors who have maintained a relationship with the Cubana brand over the years.

It is important to note that Obi Cubana, the mastermind behind the Cubana brand, does not own all of the Cubana businesses. This is something that should not be overlooked.

He is simply a brand influencer who has effectively developed a good brand name. This enables investors to capitalize on the Cubana brand name, register their businesses under the Cubana brand name, and contribute a portion of their profits to the Cubana brand.
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