Birthday Celebration - What Most Celebrants do not Know

Birthday Celebration - What Most Celebrants do not Know

Birthday Celebration - What Most Celebrants do not Know

Alone with The Invisible Voice

First and foremost, we need to know that this particular question goes to everybody as long as you are alive but mostly to those that their birthday is at the corner or those that are celebrating already.          The question is rhetorical, divinely, and inspirational in nature. Looking at the question you may say that the answer is very simple but by giving it a deep thought, you will discover that it is not as simple as you think.

I know that if an opportunity should be given to you to give the answer right now, you will definitely say that you are celebrating your BIRTHDAY! And that is what the majority will give as the answer to the question; not knowing that the answer to the question is more than that.

This is part of most of the things you will be reading in this book. In fact, this is the major reason why this book is in your hand. This book will let you know what you ought to celebrate and not just a normal birthday but special things inside the birthday.

Permit me to explain myself concerning what I said about this question in the second paragraph, I said that it is rhetorical in nature because no one knows you more than you know yourself especially those that are too secretive, remember that this book is trying to clarify us on what to celebrate and not just a mere birthday.

It is divinely in nature because the answer goes to your maker (God) Birthday is supposed to be a day of self-accountability thereby giving an account of your living to God. Proving to Him that you are not wasting your days here on earth because He is expecting you to fulfill a mandate as you are living.

Finally, the question is inspirational because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit. This is how it all started. On a quiet morning in my boss’s house, while doing my normal house chores, the only thing occupying my mind was my upcoming birthday. I had myriads of thoughts in the form of questions flooding in my head: “What will I actually do to make it more unique? 

What new hairstyle will I wear? Any new cloth? Who am I expecting for the birthday? Apart from eating what else can I offer to my guests to make them happier?  While battling with these invisible voices in my head, I heard myself speaking to the air; “ I will give them a brief motivational talk”.

“On which topic?” the voice asked me. At this junction, I became speechless. I want to give me my guests a motivational talk but don’t know the topic to dwell on. I became handicapped but the same gentle spirit came to my rescue. I heard Him said, “what are you celebrating?”


Initially I got confused as I said because the question was preposterous. Imagine walking up to someone who is celebrating a birthday and the person has invited you for his or her birthday and asking what are you celebrating? at first, the person will be confused. Some other may be embarrassed or be mad at you. That was exactly my case.

Minutes later, I summoned the courage to continue the discussion with the invisible voice and answer the ‘unnecessary-necessary’ question. 

“I am celebrating my birthday. I am celebrating my new age”. I gave this answer and thought it was over. Alas! I got more bombardments.

This time, the questions were sarcastic and at the same time bitter truths. They for everyone who is preparing for his or her birthday celebration. “What is new about your birthday and your new age?

From your last year birthday to this year, what achievements have you made for yourself? Can you name your improvement? Are you progressing or retrogressing?

A birthday celebration should be more than just a birthday” I closed my eyes and threw my head at the back of neck. I allowed the voice to go on.

Birthday Celebration - What Most Celebrants do not Know

Before I go further to make revelations about the voice, I will like you to read a piece from a renowned author. I read several of her mind lifting pieces and while we were editing this work, she accepted to drop one them here.

In the article, she was comparing how fleeting our lives are with a burning cigarette stick. The rest of the story will amaze ypou.


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