The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday

The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday

 The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday 

The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday

Making it more than Just a Birthday

Just like a little child who is being scolded by her mother, I allowed the voice to scold me with questions. I wasn’t angry anymore.

From the questions, I discovered that God has a greater plan for me because all these questions are for my good and for me to be successful in life , as well as the life of anyone reading this book now. When you take your time to analyze all these questions just like I did, you will take many things home from them.

The voice reminded me that I am created for an assignment. No man is born by mistake. Every man and woman has a purpose for coming into this life. I am born with a purpose. I must impact to the environment where I find myself, just as you too should.

 When the voice asked what I am celebrating, It didn’t’ really mean the number years I have spent o far or the new age. It means how I have impacted people around me.

If I am celebrating anything on the day of my new age, I should firstly celebrate life, then my achievements here on earth and my relationship with my Maker.

This is the topic he told me to deliver to the people about birthday especially those that are ignorant of their mission on earth. Happy birthday again dear! But I want to ask you too, what are you really celebrating?

The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday 


The first thing the voice asked me was “Is there any improvement in your life or are you just celebrating on empty life”? That is it!

Many people will be offended on this question but I was not on a second thought. Instead, it challenged me to take a step of change and that is what I want you do today. No time is too late.

An Author of “Be a super challenger” say;  ‘until you are challenged, you cannot challenge others’. And until you know the level your life, whether you are at the burning or unburn stage, you will not celebrate aright.

Never celebrate life without improvement. Never celebrate life without achievement and a life without a goal. You may burn out one day without knowing how far you have burnt. Why not make hay while the sun shines?

Some people have decided to be celebrating new clothes and shoes because every month they will be in the market searching for new products, if I may ask must you wear all the cloths you see in the market, are you into fashion parade or beauty contest. Even the producers of those stuffs do not wear all that they produced.

Remember, there is a future! Your generation awaits you. Would you like your generation to suffer exactly what you suffered or even more?

Have you imagined how the economy will look like in 10 years time? I say so because from the look of things the situations are getting harder day by day.

So many are busy celebrating their stomach on their birthday because it is on that day that they will taste wine they have not tasted before together with other eating’s.

Some as well have been celebrating their normal life (Mr normal life). They remain the same way; as stagnant as Lake water. They forget that as your years add so also their responsibilities.

Additions of ages mean the additions of responsibilities; unless the person is an imbecile.  It takes only the wise to understand the handwriting on the wall.

You earns the same salary from 2010–2015 and it doesn’t border you.  Must you depend on your boss to get all you want? Shine your eyes very well to discover where you are going because the journey is too far.

The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday 

  • Then, I heard that gentle voice whispering into my ear:
  • Sit down!
  • Gather your mind!!
  • Ask God for the way forward


 3 Bs That Matter

I want to be practical in this very chapter. I want us to look into the letter B as it concerns us in our celebration.

Birthday begins with letter B. But here, I want us to look deeper into the letter. There are 3 Bs that matter for everyone who celebrates his or her birthday. These letter will help you plan for your future and take a bold step.



It should be part of the celebration.

Jinx simply means the ugly story or stories that has/have been following your lineage. For example, if your family is yet to produce a graduate at this stage, it is jinx to be broken. If your parents still feed their children who are past age 24, it a jinx to be broken.

Decide to be that first graduate. Decide that also that none of your children will be a drop out. Decide too to be independent.

Each time you plan to celebrate your birthday, have the future at the back of your mind. This should be also the period of sober reflection.

Think of what is not going normal in your life and family. What is that age long jinx that needs to be broken? Set it to break it.

Is your family poor? What is your position in your family and office? What is that height that your siblings and colleagues have never attended? Set to break the jinx. It is a part of birthday gift you should give yourself in your subsequent celebrations.

That is, when you recall your past level and what you have achieved for yourself so far.



Don’t allow your children to suffer the way you did, because they must not pass through all you did before they become successful in life. Make the journey a little bit easier for them and by so doing they will be grateful to have had someone like you.

Apart from your family members, there are also less privileged present in the society who you can still help to reach their destinations after all nobody will appreciates or gives you special offer for training your own children only, you can only be appreciated for helping your children and those less privileged ones in the society that their destiny is dying due to poverty. 

Some are destined to be great but neglected in their different homes. You can as well be the hope to their life by giving them helping hand in whatever they want to achieve, it is your responsibility to train your own children to the highest level but training other children from other home will add positive attachment to your name and other greater rewards that follows, starting from above down to the earth you will be reaping the glory because they will celebrate you in a special way.

The lives you added value to will be grateful to you forever. The destinies you helped shaped, will remain grateful to you. The wounds you healed will rejoice at the sound of your name. The most celebrated lives are the lives that lived as an institution.



Breaking a record simply means doing what others could not do, achieving what others could

not achieved. It means, reaching where others could not and, having what others don’t. It means occupying the invisible space. Others here could be your parents, your elderly ones, your friends, your colleagues, above all, those who come before you in all angles of life. Don’t forget that as you are looking up to them, that is how those that are below your standard are seriously looking up to you. That is the reason you have to make it. So that they will learn from you and even achieve better; for a good leader always produces good followers.

Do not say because my parents could not achieve, this, I myself is not going to achieve it. After all, some of them were the causes of their failures in their various families and communities. If you trace the history of some families and communities, you will find out that some fathers then doesn’t like development in their area, they did not see it as a good thing, thereby making it a prayer points and also promising their gods (shrine) that so so and so things will not be acquired or achieved in so so and so place. Some of them will put it as a curse and that is why you see people conducting and hosting family deliverance, Community deliverance and land liberation. From there, people begin to achieve meaningful something in their families, and then communities will be remembered by the Government for development.

Why you should not wait for anybody especially the people you are looking up to, is that you don’t know what is holding them. But you that has the ability to do it, do it. By so doing a record will be broken. Breaking a record means breaking a limit and breaking a limit means going beyond the break a record and occupy your Royal seat with your Royal crown. That mud/thatch houses in your family are waiting for your arrival. They knew that someone like you is coming to do something greater in them. Your community is seriously waiting for you to give them electricity, good sources of water and also good roads.

It is an error for you to comfortably live in your grandfather’s house no matter the style or the design of the building. It cannot be compared to the present styles of houses. Take the challenge to yourself, if your grandfather could build such house. I believe you can build a bigger one. Don’t be comfortable living with your parents in your grandfather’s house because your children may as well be comfortable living there too. Go to different villages you will understand what am saying.


The 7 Lessons I Learned on my Birthday 

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