Types of Birthday Celebrations and how to Plan them

Types of Birthday Celebrations and how to Plan them

 Types of Birthday Celebrations and how to Plan them

Types of Birthday Celebrations and how to Plan them

What is Birthday celebrations?

In my own perception, I can say that Birthday is a remembrance of the day someone was born. It is a special day that reminds people their additional year to their year(s). It is a very unique day for any celebrant. It is a day of joy and happiness for those who recognize it, because not everybody remembers his/her date of birth every year. But to those who always remember, it adds extra joy in their heart. It attracts blessings, favours, good wishes, different gifts from various sources starting from heaven.

In celebrating birthday, no one is exempted but what we are discussing here is that people should be mindful of their living by adding more efforts. So as to make enough achievement instead of wasting their days here on earth. It is done individually because people have different date of birth.

According to English Oxford Dictionary, Birthday means the anniversary of the day in which someone is born. Also it described it as the date on which someone is born or something is created commonly called birthday or date of birth.

Birthday celebration starts from one year till one pass on to eternity. It is a yearly celebration; it can also be called BIRTH ANNIVERSARY;

The following are the stages of Birthday;

· Children’s Birthday

· Adolescent Birthday

· Youth’s Birthday

· Adult’s Birthday

· Birthday at Old age

Types of Birthday Celebrations


 This is a process of celebrating children on the day of their new age. Some of them might not even know what is going on that day, birthday is annual event, and it starts from one year. So it is possible that a year to 3 years old child may not have known anything about birthday. But from 4 to 10 years old child might know that her birthday is a day that she will be celebrated by different people and she can be able to say her age then.

Children’s birthday attracts much blessings because it’s mainly children’s gatherings and remember that they are the best friends of Jesus; the savior of the World. So even if they make noise as prayer, God will answer them quickly over the celebrant! May be because of their innocent hearts. Children’s birthday is always funny because they will just gather, say few minutes prayer, eat rice, take soft drink and dance to their best. Sometimes they will use the birthday avenue as a playing ground unlike other birthday group that some of them will turn their own avenue into bear parlor station or riot ground or even raping ground all in the name of Birthday Party.

Some children receives gifts from their fellow children and even from other people and some of them also shares gift to their guest. Some celebrates theirs in the school, Birthday can be celebrated anywhere, some parent do take their children to mall, hotel and other different places of entertainment for their birthday just to make them feel special and different that particular day. The day of birthday is always extra ordinary, some people celebrated theirs in the church especially those that their date fall on Sunday.


This group is next to children’s birthday. They are the group of people in between the youths and the children. This categories of people are people that are growing into maturity. They are not fully matured. 

Their own birthday is always hot and violent in nature depending on the environment. Environment I mean is either that the party will be taking place in their family house that is being under the control of the parent or being celebrated in the school where friends are the organizers together with the celebrant or even any other place outside their family house.

This stages are those that will like to put on all the stuffs they came across in the market, and they are not to blame because they don’t know what life is all about 90% of them are fully dependent of their parents and other family members. 

Many gets pregnant, both the celebrant and the guest. Those under this stage knows what am saying and that is why you need to read this book very well and embrace change so that you will not be a victim rather let the change you make change the lives of others around you (Friends). No matter the activities of the day Birthday is a day of extra ordinary joy.


These are stages that follows Adolescent stage. These are people that have strength to do whatever they want to do. If they decide to achieve anything they will definitely end up achieving it, their blood is still hot and their muscles very strong. Majority of them are independent and for that reason you don’t tell them what to do or what not to do, after all, they are not dependent on you. Some of them celebrates their birthday gently irrespective of the provisions available but still they will handle it maturely. While some will do their own like that of adolescent by eating over dose which will later result to another thing all together.

In actual sense, youths birthday is supposed to be a peaceful birthday no matter the level you may take it to that day. Anything violence need to be avoided because it is assumed that every youths has a big responsibilities and a lot of things to achieve. If you keep on making noise and breaking bottles at fellows birthday. Is that how you will work towards your goal? Making unnecessary noise and breaking bottles will always yield a negative result.

Therefore, be careful the way you celebrates birthday as a youth either your birthday, your blood’s birthday or your friend’s birthday. Over joy can lead to anything regrettable. Bear it in mind that Mr regret always comes late” and by doing so the glory that belongs to God for giving you life will now go to devil because he has achieved so many things through your birthday, some fall victim of rape.  In fact, a lot of bad stories are being released after a youths birthday and it means blaming God for giving you life.


These are categories of people that indeed do their birthday maturely and peaceful. In fact most of them are being celebrated by other people I mean people organizes birthday for them even without their knowing. Some of them receive it as a surprise; that is exactly what this book is talking about. Live your life very well, always carry people around you along and on your birthday people will birth you with surprises. 

Though God has the final and greatest reward. This reminds me of my uncle’s birthday in 2019. We were busy in the kitchen preparing our normal food so that we can entertain people in due time. When the occasion starts fully, a couple arrived with one colorful cake together with a white man (Chef) who prepared intercontinental dishes, displays them on dining table, so that people can go there and make their choice. 

There, we have Chinese food, Hamburger, Sharwama, Chicken pepper soup and many others. Others came with cakes, some with Barbecue (grilled fishes). In fact, there were a lot of eating that day. It was indeed a wonderful birthday. Everybody will eat gently and go straight to his/her home. It is in this kind of birthday that someone rejoices over what he has achieved.


This is the final stage of birthday. This particular birthday is similar to adult birthday but there are some difference, this kind of birthday is a birthday where the children, grand children and great grand children will always like to celebrate their aged parents, either their mother or the father, grandmother or grandfather, great grandmother or great grandfather.

They will celebrate the birthday to its highest level because they know that if it is funeral or burial ceremony that they are going to spend more than that and therefore, decide to make it memorable. It is always a very big day in any family cerebrating an aged person. It is also an opportunity for the children to received parental blessing from their aged parents.

Birthday is a very nice thing to do in every life, some people may have not celebrate their parents for once except in death.

Please! For your general notice, nobody is above BIRTHDAY. We will soon treat the status of Birthday!

We celebrates our Lord’s birthday every Christmas, also Virgin Mary is been celebrated in the world today on her birthday, meaning that no one is above birthday and birthday is not a taboo.


v Pupils birthday

v Students birthday

v Workers birthday

v Ministerial birthday

v Political leaders birthday

v Traders birthday

v Celebrities birthday.

Types of Birthday Celebrations and how to Plan them

Pupils Birthday:- Is the same thing with children’s birthday, these are children in nursery and primary school, most of these people celebrate their birthday at school and later at home may be with the family members. In some schools, the teachers will always allow any child that is celebrating birthday to come to school with his or her best clothe because is a special day for the person.

STUDENT’S BIRTHDAY:- These are group of people found in secondary schools, colleges, higher institution, universities etc. there are some people that fall in this group but doesn’t celebrate it as a student because of their age. This particular group of people might have started working but due to they need one certificate or the other they have to go back to school in other to obtain the certificate, so when such a person will be celebrating birthday you do not classify it under students birthday. In actual sense, when we talk of students birthday, we refer to some youths together with adolescent stage, the birthday of this particular group attracts violence due to the organizers and even the celebrant. They are the people that breaks bottles on their birthday. This group are the people that will finish up their pockets in the name of birthday celebration. After the whole thing, their pockets will go dry even the money for their feeding in the school may follow birthday before you know it, the person will go home again to meet his parents or the sponsors for financial help.


This group are the servants of God. Those that works in God’s vine yard. Both the Bishop, Achbishop, Rev Fr, Rev. Sis, Priests and Pastors, Evangelist, Apostles e.t.c like I said in the beginning that no one is exempted in celebrating birthday.

No birthday is Senior nor Junior. But the only thing in birthday is that people do cut their clothes according to their clothes. This group are those people that mostly celebrate theirs in the church.

Most of them receives gift from their members and friends. Their own is always full of merriments because the members will organize it very well to the surprise of their priests or pastors.

Some of them use their birthday opportunities to give people favour, some will be given scholarship to the less privilledged students, some gives clothes, shoes, food stuffs and other relevant materials, some even pay house rent for some of their poor members. A lot of blessings and favour follows birthday both the celebrant and guests.


There are different categories that make up this group. Because there are lots of work to engage on. There is office work, work as a skill and so many others. In any field you are as a worker you are free to celebrate your birthday. Most of the workers also celebrates theirs at their places of work with their colleagues. There are offices that gives birthday cake to any of their member that is celebrating birthday to show that they recognized it and they are in line with what they are doing.

Whereas in some office, you are the one to bring cake and share to them so that they all will rejoice with you.


This group is one of the groups that celebrates their birthday in the highest order. People in this include those on the seat of power; President, the Vice and the chief of staff, the Senate, House of Rep., House of Assembly, the Governors, the L.G. Chairman, the Councelor…….. infact all the Honourables, their own also is a big occasion that put oil in the mouths of those around them.


These are the most busy group of people among all this birthday groups. They don’t at all joke with their time because they will always attend to customers. I don’t think if there is time for such celebration in their program schedule because if you see the way they fix their marriage ceremony, you will understand what I am saying, most of their occasion is always on Sunday and birthday falls in different days of the week, so those that may possibly have time for their birthday are those theirs fall on Sunday. Some of them don’t even have chance on Sunday due to one meeting or the other, they can celebrate it only if the family members helped out to organize it even in their absence. So if you have anyone like that around you, please help him / her to work it out, he/she will appreciate it a lot. Not that this particular group doesn’t like it but time factor though some of them do celebrate it very well but depending on the kind of business. but among all we are still trying to let you know that anybody can celebrate birthday!


I can say that this group is the highest in organizing a blissful and surprise birthday. The sound of their own birthday is very heavy and it goes viral that almost the whole world get to hear about it through social media.

Their birthday’s nick name is “money challenge”. This is where you see people challenging themselves not even others, buying latest car for him/herself, it is in this group that you see people surprising their fellows with expensive properties such as, Douplex, Mansions, Cars, Roseress and many other costly things. Their gifts is not balloon gift nor plastic gifts. During their birthday you only see manifestation of money.

The people that make up this group are as follows; the footballers, the actors and actresses including comedians, musicians etc.


Merriment means enjoyable exuberance. Also it means a playful fun.

Birthday as a merriment involves different eatings and funny activities. It is not an over serious occasion like other ceremony such as Burial/funeral ceremony, Wedding/Traditional marriage ceremony. It is a merriment that brings together family and friends mostly for fun for that happy day. Examples of eatings that you may see on birthday, firstly birthday cake: Any celebrant especially those that include merriment should have cake first before the main food. People buys cake on their birthday and the guests also buy for them depending on their wishes.

Birthday cola is ‘cake’ unlike other occasion that you must present the cola nuts and garden egg before the occasion starts officially.

After the cake comes the drinks, people take drink of their choice depending the ones available. After drinks comes the food, if at all there is (optional).

How to Plan a Birthday for all Classes

1) Selection of co-coordinator (M.C)

2) Introduction of the celebrant

3) Birthday prayer/Birthday song

4) Presentation of cake, cutting of cake and toasting of wine

5) Funny donation

6) Presentation of gift

7) R.S.V.P (normal item seven)

8) Birthday dance

9) Vote of thanks

10) Closing prayer

  •  Selection of a coordinator (M.C)

The first thing to do in a birthday gathering is to appoint out, that is someone who will do the work of M.C (master of the ceremony) because in such gathering, everybody will not be talking at the same time. There should be someone that will be directing the activities of the day. After it comes the introduction of the celebrant.

In selecting of the MC of birthday gathering, you go for somebody who is outspoken and also somebody who jokes because birthday merriment is a funny gathering that always makes people happy throughout their stay. A comedian can handle this very well.

  •  Introduction of the celebrant: 

The second step of birthday merriment is calling up the celebrant on the stage for introduction, because some guests that followed their friends to the occasion may not know the person celebrating birthday, so it is possible that not everybody in that venue knows the celebrant. Therefore, introduction is important. After it comes the prayer immediately.

  •  Birthday prayer/Birthday-song: 

In any Birthday gathering, prayer should be involved, and this takes place before the occasion starts officially. In fact, prayer is a must in a birthday for that is where people will thank God for adding one year to the celebrant and still pray for more of His blessing over the person’s life. The MC can appoint anybody for prayer or he/she can do it especially when they have limited time.

Birthday prayer goes together with Birthday song, so immediately after prayer, while people are still standing, the birthday song will be sung.

Birthday Song

Happy Birthday to you x2

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

How old are you now? x2

How old are you now?

How old are you now?

I’m plus one today ….. x2

I’m plus one today

I’m plus one today

Many more years to you …. x2

Many more years to you

Many more years to you

Hip……… hip……. Hip…….. Huray………. x3

Sometimes people toast wine during the hiping and the hoorays where as some toast after cutting cake it depends on the direction given by the M.C.

In some places, the M.C will like the person so dear to the celebrant to raise the birthday song though not everywhere and not all time.

  • Presentation & cutting of cake together with wine toasting: 

As I said earlier, birthday cola is cake, it’s time for it, presenting and cutting it comes before sharing of food. Some people will join the celebrant standing at the middle and cut the cake after the count of whatever. (Mostly Jesus)

At this juncture, people can toast and enjoyment continues.

  • Funny donation: 

Don’t mind some of my languages in this book, it shows you how funny birthday is and understand that birthday merriment is a happy ground. This funny donation is not the normal donation we know. This is a donation that proposes and opposes the motion in such gathering.

For instance, someone may use any amount of money and command the celebrant to come and dance or to come and stand in front of everyone there. Then someone else may use higher amount to get the celebrant back to the seat, and it continues this way.

  • Presentation of gift: 

In this gift presentation issue, the guests give gift to the celebrant, and some celebrants as well gives birthday souvenir to their guests depending how it was planned.

  • R.S.V.P: 

Rice and stew very plenty (lolz). This section always reminds me of children’s birthday when we were growing up. Parents will dish out rice & stew in a big tray decorate the top with fishes and meats and round the tray with drinks on the table. Though cake & drinks is mostly use now for table setting instead of food. 

As I said earlier, food is not a must in a birthday, it’s a matter of choice. Some people cook because they wish to. Birthday is a free occasion, you plan it the way you want, even if you don’t want to see any guest in your house that day, fine, though some people plans someone’s birthday without his/her knowing even beyond the person’s expectation by cooking different foods.

  • Birthday dance: 

This starts after eating sometimes before depending on schedule of programme. In a birthday dance the celebrant has to kick off the dance and others may join. This is the time he/she gets a lot of cash from people because many will like to spray money on him/her during dancing moment. At this stage birthday merriment is going down gradually.

  • Vote of thanks: 

After all of these, the chief host (celebrant) will give a word of appreciation to his guests. I think the children’s birthday is excluded on this. Some parent sometimes will appreciate on behalf of the child.

  •  Closing prayer: 

This should be done immediately after the appreciation.


This is the process of appreciating God in a special way, showing Him that you are grateful for His good works in your life. This is very important as giving God thanks motivates Him in doing more things in your life.

Many do it secretly, whether secretly or openly, all I know is that it is the right thing to do. It’s not all about feeding your fellow men but giving God His own share.

N:B God is ready to do more and His faithfulness is ever sure.

SUMMARY - Types of Birthday Celebrations and how to Plan them

This post will not be complete without saying anything concerns Birthday Surprise: There is nothing in life that gives surprise like birthday. It is on birthday that you see tears of joy, faints of joy, shouts of joy and other things of joy even jumps of joy due to surprises. 

Birthday is annual event but keep giving people surprises every year even more than the expectations. The surprise may be inform of money, houses, cars, clothes, shoes, jewelries and other things, engagement ring is also included in birthday surprises. Flowers also take part in birthday and it shows LOVE.

Thanks for reading to the end. I believe this article has given all it needed concerning birthdays and preparations.Birthday celebration is an annual event that adds extra joy in the heart of people. It makes people unique and special that very day. It is a season that draws people’s attention to their lives. Also, it is a time you hear people releasing prophetic words over one’s life.

I pray that your Birthday will add more value to your life, more money to your account, more of God’s blessings and His unstoppable GRACE in your life

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