How to Correct your Yesterday's errors

How to Correct your Yesterday's errors

How to Correct your Yesterday's errors

How to Correct your Yesterday's errors

Welcome to our  page. We understand so many people are battling with the yesterday error which they committed either by omission or by commission. Some of these people now live in stigma and refuse to let go their past. So, in this post will like you to correct you past errors of yesterdays and live in peace once again with your life.

Each point we raised here has something very important to impact in our lives. This particular post that says “Do not continue on yesterday’s errors is trying to let us know that there are many errors in the offices, many errors in the families, many errors in the churches, many errors in the business. there are errors in different areas of life. 

Continuing with these errors you met may not give you life of comfort-ability. It will seems as if you are not doing well. Continuing with the errors or you yourself creating error may affect the next person after you. Moving with the error you met might affect your quality impact. From this you need to know that error leads to wrong foundation and having a wrong foundation leads to bad ending.

 You have to try your possible best to correct the mistakes you met in different areas of your life. This is just like “Breaking a record” we treated in chapter three; but mind you that the first record you break wherever you see yourself is Elimination of the errors on the ground” Don’t occupy a seat full of errors because it may not allow your work to yield a positive result. Always strive to leave anywhere better than you met it.

How to Correct your Yesterday's errors

Ways you can correct the error you met

1. Discover the causes of the error.

Discovering what caused the error you met will easily assist you to get the issue solved. If not for any other thing. Do it to make a good name, by the time you might have finished with the issue you can then relax and move on with your duty.

2. Establish a new workable style of work different from the former. 

Having discovered the failure (error) of predecessor, for you not to fail where he failed, do not follow the same road he did. Do something different from his own. Try another method of doing things. Be wise in taking advises from people and know when the right correction is given to you; then you can correct mistakes before it becomes a norm….that is leaving a footprint in the sand of time.

3. Be mindful of what you are handing over to your successor

We are trying to give out guidelines to achieving greater so that on your special day (birthday) there will be a lot to rejoice over) it is true and also obvious that there are some people that did not do very well in their different places of work and also in their family. 

But that you were not handover well doesn’t mean that you too will hand over badly. Some African fathers handed over shrines to their children in the name of preserving the family heritage, especially the first sons of the family. Some handed over meaningful something such as lands, buildings, account details, cars and many others.

 You that corrected another person’s mistakes, have you ask yourself what am I handing over to the next person or am I going to put him in a puzzle that I was put in. this question will actually help you to work well and drop a better seat for the next person to sit on. Try and leave a handover that successor will be proud to inherit. Remember a success without a successor is no success at all.

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