Anglican Bible Study - Study 9, FEBRUARY 27, 2022

Anglican Bible Study - Study 9, FEBRUARY 27, 2022

 Anglican Bible Study - Study 9, FEBRUARY 27, 2022

Anglican Bible Study - Study 9, FEBRUARY 27, 2022



SUB-THEME:  Christian’s Knowledge of God

TOPIC:  God: The Present at all places and at all times – (Omnipresent) 

TEXTS: Psalm 139:7-12


i.   to help participants understand what it means for God to be everywhere at the same time,

ii.  to remind us that we cannot hide from God no matter how secretive we are, neither can we or flee his presence on the day of reckoning. 



As we welcome every Christian to the Quinquagesima Sunday, the last before Lent; may God grant us all the grace to continuously walk on His path in Jesus name. The concept of our Topic today: “God: The Present at all places and at all times” shows that the omnipresent nature of God makes Him to be everywhere at every time and is able to relate with and respond effectively to everyone in many different places at the same time. It also means, as you step out for a journey, He is with you, as you are going, He is with you and he is before you to your destination. The Psalmist, in utmost awe of this divine character, acknowledged that it was practically impossible for him or anyone else to escape God’s presence in any nook or cranny of the universe.


Anglican Bible Study - Study 9, FEBRUARY 27, 2022


1. Point out the verses that explains the phrase "the present at all places and at all times" from our text (Psalm 139:7-12). Is there any other being in the entire universe that shares this quality with the Lord? See Heb. 4:13

2. Given the weight of the Psalmist's expressions in Psa. 139:7-12, is it ever possible for anyone to hide from God? Discuss with relevant examples. 

3. With reference to Jonah 1:3-4, 14, 17; 2:1 and Acts 16:25-26 describe the omnipresent nature of God for all Christians in various situations.  

4. What consequences await those who continue to live and act as if God cannot see them doing the evil they do in the so-called secret places? Prov. 15:3; Rev.6:15-17.



The fact that God is always present everywhere and at all times should be a constant source of comfort for believers that wherever they go, they will find themselves in God's protection. In the same vein, no wickedness can escape His judgment since they cannot be hidden from Him.


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Only the fool thinks he can hide from God.


MEMORY VERSE: Heb. 4:13 – “And there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account”. 

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