Anglican Bible study - STUDY 26, JUNE 26, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 26, JUNE 26, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 26, JUNE 26, 2022 
Anglican Bible study - STUDY 26, JUNE 26, 2022


Anglican Bible study - STUDY 26, JUNE 26, 2022, 2ND SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY JUNE 26 2022

SUB-THEME: Characteristics of ungodly rulers 3 

TOPIC: Selfishness   
TEXTS: 2 Chron. 10:4-16


i. to identify reasons for selfishness in the society and 
ii. to discuss the consequences of selfishness on the governed.


Selfishness is being unconcerned excessively or exclusively with one's interest. It is seeking or concentrating only on one’s own advantage. This attitude is based on the desire to gratify self and not having empathy with the plight of people in need and poverty, or the oppressed in society. In our text, Rehoboam chose the foolish advice of his contemporaries against the wise counsel of the elders because of his selfish ambition that lacked empathy for the people he was to rule. How can we overcome the evil of selfishness as Christian leaders in all aspects of life? The study today will shed more light on the subject of selfishness.


1, From the study context, define selfishness and analyze the basis for it. 2Chr 10:10,13-14)

2. Critically examine the attitude of Rehoboam and discuss any similarities with our contemporary rulers, politicians, pastors and captains of industries. 

3. What are the possible consequences of selfish rulership with references to Nigeria? 2Chron. 10:16-19; Matt. 25: 41-46.

4. What is empathy? And what are the Biblical injunctions concerning it? 1Cor 13:4-5; 10:24; Rom 12:15; Phil 2:4.


The human old nature is dominated by self-interest and it is by putting off this old nature through the power of the Holy Spirit that selfishness can be overcome.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: To eat alone is definitely to die alone.

MEMORY VERSE: 1Cor 10:24 “Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor”.

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