Anglican Bible study - STUDY 32, AUGUST 7, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 32, AUGUST 7, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 32, AUGUST 7, 2022
Anglican Bible study - STUDY 32, AUGUST 7, 2022



Anglican Bible study - STUDY 32, AUGUST 7, 2022, 8TH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY AUGUST 7 2022

SUB-THEME: Factors for ungodly reign 2

TOPIC: Apathy of loyal citizens 
TEXTS: Neh 1:1-4, 2:1-3 


i. to examine the concept of loyal citizen and their reasons for apathy and 
ii. to discuss how the interest of loyal citizens can be aroused for communal service.


There is an adage that says: “you cannot repair outside the spoilt vessel.” Unfortunately, this never sound clear to many loyal citizens in our contemporary community as they have taken the path of Apathy. Apathy is simply lack of interest in life activities or interactions with others. It is one of the major factors for ungodly reign in our contemporary society. What are the causes for this and how can the interest of loyal citizens be developed for the service of the Nation?


1. From the actions of Nehemiah, how can you describe a loyal citizen especially in the Nigerian context? Ref: Esth. 4:1-4, 10-14. 

2. Critically examine Luke 19:45-47 and point out with characteristics, loyal and disloyal Church members.

3. i. Why do some loyal citizens or loyal Church members behave apathetically in our contemporary world? Discuss in line with Neh 4:1-3, 8, 12. 

3 ii. Critically examine the actions of Peter and Barnabas in Gal 2:11-14 and give reasons why the love of many can easily turn cold and apathetic and what the Biblical injunction is on apathy? Gal 6:9

4. What steps can we take to support loyal citizens and members in our society and bring them out of apathy to proactiveness? Neh 4:19-23; Esth 4:15-17; Luk 22:32; 


There have always been and will always be antagonists to good works in our different localities and nations. Our inactivity will only make things worse, but when we encourage to loyal citizens by both prayer and deeds we will arouse their interests to be more proactive in doing good works.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: I can be the Nehemiah, Mordecai or Esther of my day!

MEMORY VERSE: Neh 2:3 “and (Nehemiah) said to the king, "May the king live forever! Why should my face not be sad, when the city, the place of my fathers' tombs, lies in waste, and its gates are burned with fire?"
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