Anglican Bible study - STUDY 31, JULY 31, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 31, JULY 31, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 31, JULY 31, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 31, JULY 31, 2022


Anglican Bible study - STUDY 31, JULY 31, 2022, 7TH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY JULY 31 2022

SUB-THEME: Factors for ungodly reign 1

TOPIC: Unfaithful collaboration   
TEXTS: Exod. 32:1-4

AIMS: study the concept of unfaithful collaboration from the biblical perspective and its grave consequence and 
ii. to analyze the effects of unfaithful collaborations in the choice of leadership in our contemporary society. 


There is an adage that says: "birds of a feather" flock together. This proverb introduces the topic of today: Unfaithful collaboration. Collaboration simply means the act of working with someone else or other people to produce something. To be unfaithful simply means not to be sincere to an avowed cause. When two people come together and do something with insincerity, deceit and distrust, they tend not to succeed. The text today revealed the Israelites collaborating with Aaron to demand for an alternative to the worship of the Almighty God. Citizens and leaders of nations collude to commit evils in private or public space and at individual or group or national level. Such collaboration shall be discussed today.


1. How can you explain unfaithful collaboration in the context of the texts today? (Exod. 32:1-4 and Mark 15:6-15)

2. Reflect on 1Kings 22:13-14, and analyze how some prophets of God do collaborate with the order of the day to do contrary to God’s will. (Why is it that a ‘prophet’ of God prophesies God told him someone will win an election and yet the person loses?)

3. In the context of 1Kings 21:7-13, what are the dangers and consequences of unfaithful collaboration in the life of an individual person or the citizens of a country? 

4. What are the effects of unfaithful collaboration in selling and buying votes; voting for an ‘unqualified’ candidate and rigging of elections so as to produce ungodly leaders in our generation?  What should be the Christian’s stand? Psa 26:4-5; 2Cor 6:14


As it is oten said, "as a man makes his bed, so he will lie on it", and a people deserve the people they elect to lead them. people must learn to collaborate in ways that they will be able to put good and faithful people in leadership over them. Good leaders can be the product of very faithful and honest collaboration among the electorate.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: He who builds with saliva should expect the destruction of his building by dew!

MEMORY VERSE: 2Cor 6:14 “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness and what communion hath light with darkness”? 

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