SS&S 118: Christ hath redeemed us

SS&S 118: Christ hath redeemed us

SS&S 118  Christ hath redeemed us

1. Christ hath redeemed us": sing the glad word!

Mercy's sweet message be telling,

How, through the ransom made by His blood,

Christ now within us is dwelling.

"Christ hath redeemed us": Praise to His

Praise Him, ye angels in glory! [name!

"Christ hath redeemed us," bearing our shame;

Tell out the wonderful story!

2 "Christ hath redeemed us," making us free,

Free from the sins that enslaved us;

Never in bondage more Can we be,

Trusting in Him who hath saved us.

3 "Christ hath redeemed us": we are His own,

Purchased by blood—He will hold us;

Nor will He ever leave us alone,

Safely His arms shall enfold us,

4.  "Christ hath redeemed us": soon with the throng

Gathered in glory we'll meet Him;

Oh, with what rapture join in the song,

When face to face we shall greet Him!

SS&S 118  Christ hath redeemed us



(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns

(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is SS&S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

SS&S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds. SS&S 118  Christ hath redeemed us


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