SS&S 204 Jesus, thy name I love

SS&S 204 Jesus, thy name I love

1. Jesus, Thy name I love,

All other names above ;

Jesus, my Lord !

Oh, Thou art all to me !

Nothing to please I see,

Nothing apart from Thee,

Jesus, my Lord !


2. Thou, blessed Son of God,

Hast bought me with Thy blood,

Jesus, my Lord !

Oh, how great is Thy love,

All other loves above,

Love that I daily prove,

Jesus, my Lord !


3 When unto Thee I flee,

Thou wilt my refuge be,

Jesus, my Lord !

What need I now to fear ?

What earthly grief or care,

Since Thou art ever near ?

Jesus, my Lord !


4. Soon Thou wilt come again !

I shall be happy then,

Jesus, my Lord !

Then Thine own face I'll see,

Then I shall like Thee be,

Then evermore with Thee,

Jesus, my Lord !


SS&S 204 Jesus, thy name I love


(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns

(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is SS&S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

SS&S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds. SS&S 204 Jesus, thy name I love


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