SS&S 214 Coming, coming, we are coming

SS&S 214 Coming, coming, we are coming

1. Coming, coming, we are coming

To Thy temple, gracious Lord,

To receive the blessed teaching

Of Thy pure and perfect Word ;

Meekly would we learn our duty,

Learn it kneeling at Thy feet,

While a radiance from Thy glory

Covers all the Mercy-seat.


2. Singing, singing, we are singing

Of Thy wondrous love so free,

How it floweth ever onward

Like a vast and mighty sea ;

And our souls mount up with gladness,

While we swell the lofty strain,

" Glory, glory, hallelujah

To the Lamb for sinners slain ! "


3. Praying, praying, we are praying

That Thy Spirit, like a dove,

May descend with gifts of mercy

From Thy gracious hand above.

Lord, we ask that, by Thy watch-care,

We may all protected be.

Every hand be quick to labour,

And our hearts be stayed on Thee.


 SS&S  214 Coming, coming, we are coming


(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns

(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is SS&S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

SS&S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds. SS&S 214 Coming, coming, we are coming

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