SS&S 86 Join all the glorious names

SS&S 86 Join all the glorious names

SS&S 86 Join all the glorious names

1. Join all the glorious names
Of wisdom, love, and power,
That mortals ever knew,
That angels ever bore:
All are too mean to speak His worth,
Too mean to set my Saviour forth.

2. Great Prophet of my God,
My tongue would bless Thy name;
By Thee the joyful news
Of our salvation came:
The joyful news of sins forgiven,
Of hell subdued, and peace with heaven.

3. Jesus, my great High Priest,
Offered His blood, and died;
My guilty conscience seeks
No sacrifice beside:
His powerful blood did once atone-
And now it pleads before the throne.

4. My dear Almighty Lord,
My conqueror and my King!
Thy matchless power and love,
Thy saving grace, I sing:
Thine is the power-oh, may I sit
In willing bonds beneath thy feet.

5. Then let my soul arise,
And tread the tempter down;
My captain leads me forth
To conquest and crown.
The feeblest saint shall win the day,
Though death and hell shall obstruct the way.

6. Should all the hopes of death,
And powers of hell unknown,
Put their most dreadful forms
Of rage and mischief on,
I shall be safe; for Christ displays
Superior power and guardian grace.

SS&S 86 Join all the glorious names


(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns

(SS&S) Sacred Songs and Solos Hymns. This is SS&S, otherwise known as Sacred Songs and Solos. It is a collection of spiritual worship hymns and songs for churches. Students use it in their assembly in many Christian schools.

SS&S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds. SS&S 86 Join all the glorious names

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