SS&S 645: I have learnt a heavenly secret

SS&S 645: I have learnt a heavenly secret

SS&S 645: I have learnt a heavenly secret

1. I have learnt a heavenly secret,

Yet I know not how or where;

But I know 'tis sweet and precious,

Ever true, and glad, and fair;

And that God in heaven reveals it

To all whose ears can hear.


2. And I know that ere I learnt it

Oft my way was lone and hard;

And anon in life's glad music

There was always that which jarred.

And a hidden, dreary discord

That all its sweetness marred.


3. But my harp of life was lifted

By the Lord, who knew the range

Of its many strings who made it,

And He struck a keynote strange:

At the touch of Christ my Master

I heard the music change.


4. Then no more it failed and faltered.

And no longer sobbed and strove;

But it seemed to soar and mingle

With the song of heaven above;

For the pierced hand of Jesus

Had struck the keynote----Love.


5. All thy heart's long-prisoned music

Let the Master's hand set free----

Let Him whisper now His secret,

As He whispered once to me:

Child, My love's the golden keynote

Of all My will for thee!

SS&S 645: I have learnt a heavenly secret


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SS&S songs are up to 1,000 hymns and counting. For the sake of convenience, we are splitting them into hundreds. SS&S  645: I have learnt a heavenly secret

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