How to Break Records - Areas of Record Breaking

How to Break Records - Areas of Record Breaking

How to Break Records - Areas of Record Breaking

How to Break Records - Areas of Record Breaking


· Personal life          

· Family life

· Academic field

· In the church /ministry

· In a community, state etc.

· Other areas of life such as Business Area, Working places, in the field of acting and music industry etc.


There are some things that seems impossible in your life, especially when you made FEAR your best friend. It leads to inferiority complex. If the spirit of fear and doubt told you that you cannot cross that bridge, insist and take action immediately to prove them wrong. Avoid low self esteem, take action now for action delayed is devil domain and devil domain is destiny destroy” (John mason)

That is why you see some students that are not brilliant initially becomes the most brilliant in their class latter. Especially when they took it as challenge upon themselves. You can break record in different areas of your life. For instance, those into skill, you have been working with already-made styles and design, why not come up with at least one new from your initiative that will even make your work more unique than others. And this may attract more customers to you.

Breaking a record in some one’s life also involved discovering your talent, locating that hidden treasure in you. Nothing moves one easily like talent, Talent can pick one from pit to palace. Most of the celebrities today are the people that discovered their talents in different fields and today they are being celebrated in different parts of the world.


One can also break a record in the family where things is not working in order. The parents could not achieve enough for the children and the children has to take over from their parents. In such family, it takes extra grace to make it great. It is very important to be mindful of your living. Being self conscious will actually help you to realize fault in your family. If you were in such a family described above, please don’t end-up like others. You are the right person to break the record and, you have the ability to do that. I will show you the way in the next chapter.


To you, in your department or even in your school, when you see your fellow students having A(s) or seeing those who graduates with first class, you may say that God loves them separately. Look I am writing this book not for anyone to remain the same after reading it, rather for lives to be transformed positively. I must tell you that one of the secrete of success in this life which I have been applying and it has been helping me is DETERMINATION (Determination is a sure way to success) But the issue here is not just to be determined, but following it step by step and you have what you want.

“Try it and testify” You will never fail if only you follow it accordingly. What do I mean? You may be saying that you are not intelligent enough but life activities doesn’t allow you to have enough time to study; tell me how you will break a record in your school, bear it in mind that breaking a record in school attracts blessings. 

Someone can be offered scholarship just because he goes extra mile in making it in class. If you wants to make it and be successful academically, some other activities such as party, clubbing, football, watching movies frequently, sleeping always, visiting bear parlors and other unnecessary outings have to curtailed.

 Can you tell me a student who wants to become the best in class joining all these with his study? It can’t walkout. Study yourself very well and know the best time for you to study, the time you understands better, then make that moment your best time and never joke with it. Make a timetable and try to keep it. You can only prove yourself when you study.

Some people love reading at midnight when everywhere is calm, but you know the best time that suits you. Try it and have your best result. It’s a formula.


I know some people may ask “do we still break record in the church”? Of course church is involved, in fact that of church is a big challenge especially for the shepherds. Most priest and pastors posted to a particular church will like to make out something in that church before being transferred to another church, and they will be searching for mostly what previous priest could not achieve, I mean the area he did not work too well during his own time.

 Many of them will like to establish new things in any church they are posted to, but coming the issue of going beyond the normal state in the church, it is not only meant for the Priest and Pastors alone as long as Christianity is concerned. You as an individual have to serve your God with your time, your energy, your money in fact, with your everything. You can as well break a record in one area or the other thereby making the church to move forward.

In my home town, A priest was sent at the Catholic Church by name Rev. Fr. Cornelius Nebuwa Obe. He came and development started immediately both in the church and in the community. He started by establishing training centre called Entrepreneurship Training Centre Uhunowerre. 

This is a place where one can come and learn any skill of his or her choice, such as Tailoring, knitting, computer, electrical work, Barbing, Carpentry, Catering Service, great dancers theater and act. Bead making, decoration and paint production. In the same compound, he established Secondary School. Along the line he elevated the training centre to an Institution. From Entrepreneurship Training Centre to Mario Institution of Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurship Education.

The school is located at Uhunoweme Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area, Enugu State Nigeria by Rev. Fr. Cornelius Nebuwa Obe.

So many people from different states of this country are attending the school. In fact, I am a product of the school. Also people from different countries visit the school every year and awarding some students scholarship.

By this year’s December (2020), the school will be having her 9th convocation. This particular school produces quality men and women every year in the field of Hospitality Management! Cosmetology and Beauty therapy!! Networking and system security!!!

From this, you will discover that a record was really broken not even in that church alone but in the whole community. It has now made the community and the local government to be recognized unlike before.


One can go beyond normal state in his or her community by developing the community, thereby providing the needed social amenities or blessing his community with palliative either from government or from his personal account.

The most important record is that you achieved what others could not achieve for your community. In our neighboring community, there was a man that built a very big church building furnished with marbles and ties together with parish house and also another big building for Rev. Sis. And her school children. He also provide them with bore-hole (pipe borne water) in different parts of that village.

 He became a Hero in that village that people cannot describe or talk of that community without mentioning his name because he did a lot for them, he went beyond the normal state. He also gave connections to many youths of that land, if you see their community it looks like small London because those he helped are already making it big and are also connecting others and that is what we are talking about.

If this particular man should be having or celebrating birthday, it is possible that he will not be the person to planned and spend for it because he has broken a limit in his community.

Apart from the members of the community who has a good heart towards the development of his land. His Royal Highness or the chancellor of that community can as well take his community far by first of all, organizing the members of his community. There are communities that their youths are not organized at all where as there are some that their youths will try and organize themselves.

Secondly, they should establish the needed amenities in the land. Thirdly they should be helping the less privileged persons, not just sending their children to abroad and having rusting and decaying money in the bank. Where as in your community there are still people living in mud houses and thatch houses.

 Even if you cannot help them with your own money you can recommend them to government as their representative you are. And remember that government is still for the people no matter what, after all, they were the people that elected you in that seat. Likewise those in authorities in different states and countries, you also have the privilege to take your state to a higher level but sometimes selfishness will not allow them. “Because that the former Hon. did not do this, I too is not going to do much”. Mind you that apart from the praise from the members of your community, state or country.

On the last day its only from your work, according to the seat you occupied that you will be remembered in heaven because God is the one that gave you the MANTLE!

Other Areas of Our Lives to Break records

1. In your place of work.

There are different kinds of work, mine might not be yours. But the major thing is for you to understand where we are going irrespective of your work type.

If you are into skill very fine but bear it in mind that you can still go extra mile in any field, just apply the steps we have shown and never remain the same every year, rather let there be improvement. Let it be in your memory that on your birthday that you suppose to give account of your achievement to know whether you are moving forward or backward.

Then if you are in office work, very good! But the following should be your watch ward.

v Do your best in the office

v Try to get best result

v Be calculative enough

v Don’t joke with your working hours

v Know your best time for fun.

v Respect your boss always, remain obedient and loyal to him/her

v Be humble: for the proud shall humble but the humble shall be honored (The word of God)

v Be punctual to your work

v Suspend whatever that may lead you to suspension

v Avoid every distraction from all angle

v Finally, always seek for the best result by working harder and by so doing you will surely break a record.

In the Entertainment Industries

v But still maintain the feature and uniqueness of yourself

v Do not slow down, for many are at your back to overtake you! Remember over take is allowed but I urge you not to allow them in your life.

v Don’t allow ego to eat you up

v Always accept corrections whenever you are corrected, you can equally give your coach or your mentor assignment on the following.

i. To watch over you

ii. To identify your mistakes and

iii. To correct you with the right thing to do.

v Be yourself! Because trying to act like another person may fail you and even take you back to square one

v Stop doing something because you see others doing it, rather do the ones you trust yourself that you have the ability.

3. Finally, those in the music industry:

Bravo! But never admire that evil spirit called “PRIDE” that roars like a lion around every musicians especially if you are a starter ”Pride came before a fall” like the actors and actresses, sing the best of your ability, don’t try to imitate for imitation is limitation, for the same people that hail you will still be the same to laugh at you and sell you free of charge online.

Be careful, in any field you are what we are talking of is breaking a record and achieving greatness in life in other to be celebrated!

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