How to Make Life Goals a Reality

How to Make Life Goals a Reality

How to Make Life Goals a Reality

 How to Make Life Goals a Reality


Number one thing is to set a goal then the second thing is to make it a reality. Making it a reality means actualizing your dream.

It is very important for us to understand the meaning of this because sometimes one may just set a goal and begin the journey of that goal, there, you may encounter the spirit of delay and it may take you one month, two months, three months…….one year, two years or even more than to achieve that particular goal. It might even be a goal that need not to take up to a year for you to accomplish it, but you have spent years in it. This book will help you a lot in different areas of life.

Sometimes, this spirit of delay may come in form of laziness, financial problem, being occupied with other programmes but no matter what, you need to focus on your goal.

I’m a victim of this in the area of book writing though I have been making it in other areas but this particular area I encountered delay very well to the extent that I started writing books many years ago till now none of them has come through except this particular birthday book that did not even reach up to two months and everything is achieved. Indeed I made it into reality and a record has been broken.

What are the goals that you set many years ago and till now you are still working on it, awake and do something new, champions are coming up with new things (products). Modern styles are being established everyday every time, may be before you come up with yours, it has turned to old fashion even though you still made it new.

Buckle up and put your dream into reality. We treated dreaming big in the previous chapter, but I want to tell you that its not a matter of dreaming big but bringing in into reality. Actualizing it one after the other and by the time you finished it, you will be happy with yourself for what you have achieved. There are few steps to help you bring your dreams into reality.

Make a difference in life:-

Making a different in life include separating yourself from others, this does not actually mean that you will not make friends or that you will be a man alone. It simply means not behaving like others, maintain your standard especially if the people around you are not the kind of people to push you into your vision. If they discovered that you are living a different life they will be the one to run away from you and it will create a room for your easy success in life. 

Though some of them that understood what you are doing or where you are going may actually like to go with you. When I started mine I have such people, somebody like Onah Nnaemeka, Ugwu Ginika and Ugwu Chinyere, though we later separated to different places, then I later continue with another motivators, Obetta Celestina Chinonso, Ogbonna Esther I called them twins because physically they resemble and also they have similar dream and one other person by name Eze Blessing Chinonso.

 These three people are the people that understood where I’m going and try to join me to make difference in life. These three people are from different communities but the same local government with me. Esther among them is my cousin. I have them as a team because of their encouragement to me. They will always assure me that I am at the right path.

So making difference in life will easily help you to achieve your goal. Don’t join the group rather let the serious one’s among them join you! Most of these steps that I’m giving you here is what I have applied and it helped me a lot people that know me very well know that I like a life of difference even in the side of dressing code, because you will be addressed the way you dressed. 

Remember I said, living a different life does not mean running away from people actually but going different direction from where they are going, because where they are going may not lead you to your destination. I’m a type that associate very well but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know the direction that leads to my success.

Try all these and you will always be happy with yourself, because you are seeing yourself achieving what you are pursing. If all these do not work for you, you can put to my notice, if you need to be coached by God’s grace I can still help out provided a life is transformed.

Discovering Your Potential           

One of the things that will also help you to actualize your dream is discovering your potential.

First of all, what is Potentials? Potentials is that hidden treasure in you which was endowed to make you greater in life when discovered and utilized. The distractions you encounters sometimes in life is just for the enemy to use the medium and kill your potentials

You can easily discover it by working towards your purpose of creation. The potential in you is what makes you to shine out, the potential in you is the atom of greatness in you. It is an unrealized ability in you. Finally, it is there in you to introduce you to the World!

Mingle with friends of Like Mind

Remember iron sharpens an iron. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are” be mindful of people you go around with, people you call your friends or colleagues. Friendship is a matter of choice; it’s never by force therefore, be wise in choosing your friends.

Going with people that have no vision in this life will affect you, it will slow you down in achieving yours; it may even deny you of your dreams. Do not choose friends that doesn’t allow your opinions heard or people that doesn’t accept their mistakes talk more of correcting them. Check yourself very well to know the kind of people you always go with whether they are motivators or vision killers.

 Choose friends that will easily take you to where you are going because the journey of life is too far and you have a stipulated time to achieve your goals. Check your past years on earth and it will help you not to waste any of your minute in this your remaining years on earth.

Following people that are below your standard may lower your speed. Take a look at the life of the bird called eagle, they always soar and soar very high but flying together with other birds will slow their movement. The same thing is applicable when you find yourself in the midst of people of different kinds with you. 

The worst about following such people is that they will always like you to join their clique and agree with their ideas but wouldn’t join yours. If you actually want to make it greater and easier in life, go with people that have the same mindset with you. 

They will help and shape your life, they will help to bring out the real you, they will also help to make the star in you to shine out by coaching, mentoring, impacting a lot in you and also correcting your mistakes, thereby telling you what to do and what not to do at the right time.

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