Yoruba Hymn APA 97- Odun miran ti koja

Yoruba Hymn APA 97- Odun miran ti koja

Yoruba Hymn  APA 97-  Odun miran ti koja

APA 97

1. Odun miran ti koja

 Wawa l’ akoko na lo

 Ninu eyi t’ a wa yi

 Yio s’ arimo opo;

 Anu l’ o fid a wa si,

 A ha lo anu na bi ?

 K’ a bi ’ra wa ba se tan ?

 B’ a o pew a l’ odun-ni.

2. Aiye bi ibi ija,

 Egbegberun l’ o nsubu;

 Ofa iku t’ o s info,

 A le ran s’ emi b’ iwo;

 Nigb’ a nwasu t’ a si ngbo,

 Oluwa je k’a saro

 P’ aiyeraiye sunmole

 A nduro l’ eti bebe.

3. B’ a gba wa lowo ese

 Nipa ore-ofe, Re,

 Nje ‘ma bo’ n’ ipe o je,

 K’ a le lo, k’ a r’ oju Re:

 F’ enia Re l’ aiye yi

 K’ anu wa l’ odun titun;

 Odun t’ o l’ ayo ju yi,

 L’ eyi t’ o mu won de ’le. Amin.

This is Yoruba Anglican hymns, APA 97- Odun miran ti koja . Yoruba hymns are worship hymns used in the Anglican Church for all kinds of worship and services. It is known as Iwo orin mimo.

Hymns in the Anglican Communion are translated into different languages. In the Igbo language, we have Abu or Ekpere na Abu. In the English language, it is called Ancient and Modern or Church hymnals.

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