Anglican Bible study - STUDY 24, JUNE 12, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 24, JUNE 12, 2022

Anglican Bible study - STUDY 24, JUNE 12, 2022 
Anglican Bible study - STUDY 24, JUNE 12, 2022


 Anglican Bible study - STUDY 24, JUNE 12, 2022,TRINITY SUNDAY JUNE 12 2022

SUB-THEME: Characteristics of ungodly rulers 1 

TOPIC: Greed          
TEXTS: 1 Kings 21:1-20


 i. to study the biblical concept of greed in our contemporary society and
ii. to discuss the social and religious consequences of greed.

Today is Trinity Sunday, the day set aside for acknowledgment of the Triune God. "Trinity" remains one of the most mysterious Christian terminologies. 
Today’s topic is greed: a characteristic of an ungodly ruler. Greed is an excessive desire in a person for something for example, power, wealth, position. An ungodly ruler is a ruler who has no regard for God in what he/she does. In an excessive desire to accumulate wealth, Ahab and Jezebel used their position to kill Naboth and take possession of his vineyard. Ahab, an Israelite king was expected to be bound by God’s law (Deut. 17: 18-20), but to Jezebel, the daughter of a Phoenician monarch, it was ridiculous that her husband’s wish couldn't be realised because one of her husband's subjects had chosen to abide by God’s law. Our study today will further expatiate on the reasons and consequences of greed.


1. What is the Biblical concept of greed in the following passages? Prov 1:17-19; 15:27; 1Tim. 6:9

2. Read 2Pet 2:14-16 and analyze the characteristics of greed with special reference to Ahab and Jezebel. (1Kings 21:1-20).

3. Read Micah 3:10-12 and 2Pet 2:3 and critically justify greedy leadership as a major factor for social wickedness in contemporary society.

4. What are the consequences of greed? 1Kings 21:19,22-23 (2Kings 9:35-37); Jer 22:17-19; James 5:1-4 and how can we conquer it in our lives as Christians? Phil. 4: 11-12; 1Tim. 6:6-8.


 Greed is a cankerworm that is highly potent and can destroy both its owners and the people around them. Our ability to be contented with a heavenly focus will continuously destroy the potentials of greed in the lives of Christians.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The greedy should always remember the grave.

MEMORY VERSE: Prov 15:27 “The greedy bring ruin to their households, but the one who hates bribes will live”.

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